How Fast Can I Close When I Sell My House for Cash?

When you’re selling your house to a traditional home buyer, it can take many months to close. Cash buyers can speed up that process significantly and buy your house much faster. Here are a few details that will help you to know how fast you can anticipate your deal to close when you sell your house for cash. 

How to Get An Offer

Getting a cash offer from a cash buyer is a simple and fast process. To get started, you’ll need to contact the cash buyer that you’d like to work with and ask them to calculate an offer for you. Every time a cash buyer calculates a cash offer, they personalize it according to the specifications and value of the seller’s home. To help their calculation process be more accurate, you’ll need to tell your cash buyer a little bit about your house. Knowing your house’s location, size, condition, etc., can help them to calculate their highest possible offer with the most accuracy. This calculation process should only take about 24 hours, and then you’ll receive your free, no-obligation cash offer. 

How to Prep Your House

Once you’ve accepted their cash offer, you’ll need to prepare your house to be sold. With a traditional buyer, this step usually involves costly inspections and lengthy repairs and renovations. Sometimes, the process can end up taking months to complete. It will be much quicker and easier to prepare your house to be sold when you’re selling your house for cash. Most cash buyers will purchase your house as-is without requiring any repairs or inspections, especially if you’re working with a cash home buying company. In this case, you’ll just need to pack up your house and get ready to move! Some cash buyers have minimal repair requirements, so make sure you discuss this with them before you accept their cash offer. 

How to Close Fast

When you’re selling your house for cash, the closing processes are quick and easy. You’ll simply need to sign the necessary paperwork and legal documents to show the validity of your agreement. There may be some minimal fees for you to pay, but you’ll be saving tens of thousands of dollars compared to the closing costs associated with traditional buyers and real estate agents. Soon, you’ll receive your cash payment in full and be ready to move!

So, if you’re in a big rush to sell your house, remember that cash buyers skip many of the steps that traditionally delay the selling process. You’ll be able to get a cash offer in 24 hours, skip lengthy repairs and inspections, and close fast. Once you sell your house quickly and easily for cash, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional home buyer. 

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